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Detailed colour pencil poster print ofthe evolution of the horse!


The poster shows the evolution of the horse over millions of years. The horse once started as a small, 30 cm high, five-toed forest animal and evolved into a large, strong steppe animal with hooves. The primal horse originated in North America and crossed ''land bridge'' between Alaska and Siberia and thus spread across Asia and Europe and evolved into our current horse.


Included species are: Hyracotherium (eohippus), Mesohippus, Merychippus, Pliohippus & Equus.


The original scientific accuarte illustrations are drawn with colour pencil and printed on HVO offset 170 grams poster paper.



- Printed on HVO offset 170 grams poster paper.

- Dimensions are A3, 30 x 40 cm and A4, 21 x 30 cm.

- The poster comes without frame.

- Available in English, Dutch and "Blank" without texts.



Mockup images by Freepik ( & yeven_popov)

The Evolution of the Horse, Scientific Poster

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