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Detailed colored pencil poster of ice age deer species!

The beautiful and majestic prehistoric giant deer will fit perfectly into any deer or animal lover's room.


The original scientific illustrations are drawn with colored pencil and printed on recycled 170 grams paper. This paper is 100% post-consumer (PCR) used paper and no trees have been cut for it. The paper is off-white and has a subtle grain.


- Printed on recycled 170 grams paper
- Dimensions are A3, 30 x 42 cm (11.81 x 16.53 inches)
- The poster is delivered without a frame or poster hangers!

Included deer species are:
Sinomegoceros pachyosteus (Chinese giant deer)
Cervalces scotti (Stag-moose)
Megaloceros giganteus (Irish deer)
Cervalces latifrons (Giant moose)
Megaloceros savini (Savin's deer)
Eucladoceros dicranios (Bush-antlered deer)

Prehistoric Deer Poster, Scientific Poster, A3

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