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Detailed colour pencil map print of native birds of Aruba shaped by the borders of Aruba!


A map of the most breathtaking, great and strange bird species that make Aruba unique. Great as a present, a memory of a wonderful trip, for the love of your country, as an unique piece on the wall or just for practicing your wildlife knowledge.



- Printed on FSC certified 170 grams Matte Poster Paper

- Dimensions are A3 (40 x 30 cm, 15.75'' x 11.8'' ).

- Frame not included.



Ruby-topaz hummingbird, Black noddy, Yellow warbler, Crested caracara, Brown-throated parakeet, Venezuelan troupial, Blue-tailed emerald, Tropical mockingbird, Bare-eyed pigeon, Royal tern, Burrowing owl, White-cheeked pintail, Bananaquit, Magnificent frigatebird & Brown pelican.

Birds of Aruba, 40 x 30 cm

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